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Information for Participating Universities

Responsibilities Of University Program Official(s):

The Program official(s) at the University partaking in the MTIMPM Match Process need to follow these steps:

  1. Complete and submit Participation Fee with MTIMPM BILLING STATEMENT (pdf) (doc) by November 1st.
  2. Maintain communication with hospital-based Clinical Practicum Program officials regarding-
    • specific application requirements
    • pre-requisite curriculum and graduation requirements
    • submitting transcripts, grades, recommendations and other documentation
  3. Direct student applicant to MTIMPM website for instructions and forms
  4. Collect, review for completeness and submit via U.S. Mail Postmarked by November 20th to the MTIMPM Administrator the STUDENT MATCH REGISTRATION FORM (pdf) (doc). Make sure the application fee is included and be sure to confirm the applicant's GPA.
  5. Upon completion of the MTIMPM Match Process, the MTIMPM Administrator e-mails the list of university applicants placed at hospital-based Clinical Practicum Programs, unmatched applicants, and Hospital program vacancies.
  6. Advise un-matched applicants accordingly.