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Information for Participating Hospitals


The Program official(s) at the hospital-based Clinical Practicum Program partaking in the MTIMPM Match Process need to follow these steps:

  1. Complete and submit Participation Fee with MTIMPM BILLING STATEMENT (pdf) by September 30.
  2. Maintain communication with university officials regarding: 
    • specific application requirements
    • pre-requisite curriculum and graduation requirements
    • submitting transcripts, grades, recommendations and other documentation
  3. Use standard MTIMPM Application and Recommendation Form for the application process.
  4. Direct applicant (Michigan and Independent) inquiries to MTIMPM website
  5. Schedule and conduct applicant interviews.
  6. Complete and submit via e-mail to the MTIMPM Administrator the HOSPITAL PREFERENCE FORM (pdf) (doc) by October 15.
    • List the FIRST choice applicants and ALTERNATE applicants in rank order of preference
  7. Upon completion of the MTIMPM Match Process, the MTIMPM Administrator e-mails the list of applicants placed at your Program and in addition you will receive a list of unplaced applicants for your use in filling vacant positions.
  8. Contact the matched applicants via e-mail to: 
    • notify the applicant of placement into a Clinical Practicum position at your institution
    • instruct applicant of method for CONFIRMING acceptance of the Clinical Practicum position
  9. If Program has vacant position(s) after the MTIMPM Match Process the program determines the course of action.
  10. Please follow the deadlines below for the Match Process.
    • Complete and submit Participation Fee with the MTIMPM BILLING STATEMENT by September 30.
    • Schedule and complete interviews by September 30.
    • By October 15, complete and submit via E-Mail the MTIMPM HOSPITAL PREFERENCE FORM (pdf) (doc