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Applicants to hospital-based Clinical Practicum programs using the MTIMPM Match Process need to follow these steps:

  1. Read and follow MTIMPM information and instructions for printing, completing and submitting application materials to hospital-based programs between April 1 - August 15.
  2. Contact university advisor regarding
    • curriculum and graduation requirements
    • submitting transcripts, grades, recommendations and other documentation
  3. Complete and submit application materials to hospital-based program(s) of choice
    • read the individual hospital directions at the bottom of the application and supply the requested items (i.e. essay)
    • communicate with program director(s) regarding specific application process requirements and procedures, i.e. scheduling interview when contacted by program director
    • insure that Fall course grades are submitted
  4. Contact university advisor IMMEDIATELY if asked to provide verbal or written confirmation that a hospital-based program will be placed as #1 on your preference form.
    • Notify MTIMPM by e-mail or mail
    • This is an ETHICS VIOLATION by the hospital-based program
  5. AFTER COMPLETING YOUR INTERVIEWS AT THE HOSPITALS, complete and Submit MTIMPM Student Match Registration Form & Fee ($10.00 payable to MTIMPM) by October 5 (postmark date). This form and fee should be submitted to your University Advisor (if you are in a Michigan University) by the deadline your advisor specifies. If you are an “independent student” applicant from out-of-state or from a non-participating university - you should mail your form directly to MTIMPM at 1140 Abbott Rd. #4054, East Lansing, MI 48826.
    • on the Preference Form, LIST ALL hospital-based programs you are WILLING to attend. The more programs you are willing to attend, the greater the chance of securing a Clinical Practicum position.
  6. If you ACCEPT a Clinical Practicum position at a NON-PARTICIPATING program, contact MTIMPM and WITHDRAW from the MTIMPM Match Process.
  7. In early November, Programs notify (via e-mail) applicants of placement in a Clinical Practicum position. Within one week, follow the program’s instructions for confirming acceptance of the Clinical Practicum position.