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Application Timeline

  1. Start the application process for a Michigan hospital-based Clinical Practicum program between April 1 - August 15, one year prior to the start date of the Program.
  2. Complete and submit application, required essay(s), Academic Course Plan in one envelope to hospital-based program(s) of choice by August 15th.
  3. You will have to request an official copy of your transcript be sent to the hospital coordinator via email by August 15.
  4. Ask that your letters of recommendation be submitted by the deadline, September 15. Ask your recommenders to EMAIL the recommendation letter with your name in the subject line. 
  5.  The hospital coordinator will contact you to set up an interview, if they plan to interview you. The interviews must be complete no later than September 30.
  6. After the interviews, if you are an independent student, complete and submit MTIMPM Student Match Registration Form and Fee to the MTIMPM Administrator. This must be postmarked no later than October 5. If you are applying through your University advisor, submit your MTIMPM Student Match Registration Form and Fee to your University advisor by the date s/he specifies, your advisor will postmark all student applications no later than October 5.
  7. Applicants will be informed of Match results early November.
  8. Respond to Clinical Practicum position placement within one week of e-mail notification.