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Match process

two lab workers in blue lab coats working with bone marrow samples

MTIMPM information


The majority of colleges, universities and hospital-based Clinical Practicum Programs in Michigan participate in the MTIMPM Match Process. This process allows placement of MLS/medical technology applicants based on the applicant rating of hospital-based Programs and the hospital-based Program rating of applicants. ALL aspects of the MTIMPM Match Process are strictly CONFIDENTIAL.


Each applicant and Hospital Program completes and submits a Preference Form to MTIMPM. Then a computer program matches up the applicant with a Hospital.

If the applicant DOES NOT rank a Hospital Program on their Preference Form, placement WILL NOT occur regardless of how the Program ranks the applicant. The applicant's Preference ranking ALWAYS takes precedent. The applicant benefits with the MTIMPM Match Process:

The applicant determines whether they do or do not want placement in a hospital-based Clinical Practicum Program.

In early November, programs notify (via email) applicants of placement in a clinical practicum position. Within one week, follow the program's instructions for confirming acceptance of the clinical practicum position.  

The applicant's SIGNATURE on the PREFERENCE FORM indicates understanding of the MTIMPM Match Process and ACCEPTANCE of the position at the Program in which they are placed. After the MTIMPM Match Process, a Hospital can contact students who did not receive a placement by obtaining the Unplaced student list from MTIMPM, to consider that student to fill a vacancy.  

MTIMPM will also maintain an "Off-Cycle" Application List for those individuals who did not meet the deadline for application submission that match cycle (between April 1 - August 15 each year).  If an opening occurs outside of the normal match cycle, the hospital will contact Off-Cycle applicants asking for a complete application.  Those not contacted by April 1 should submit a full application by the August 15 deadline.