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Welcome to the Medical Technology Internship Matching Program of Michigan, referred to as MTIMPM.

(Note: The MTIMPM is independant and not affiliated with Michigan State University. The webpage is only hosted by the university.)

For someone interested in applying to a hospital-based Clinical Practicum (Hospital), MTIMPM offers you a beneficial service. MTIMPM provides a standardized process for computer matching eligible CLS/medical technology applicants with hospitals throughout the state of Michigan.

This MTIMPM website gives you a description of the computer-match process and the specific participation instruction you need. MTIMPM DOES NOT ELIMINATE the individual hospital application process. You MUST SUBMIT an application DIRECTLY to EACH hospital you are interested in attending. Plus, you are responsible for fulfilling any ADDITIONAL, specific application requirements of each hospital to which you are applying.

Lab workers in white lab coat looking at tube

MTIMPM Code Of Ethics:

  1. CONFIDENTIALITY is expected of ALL participants in the MTIMPM Match process.
  2. Participants shall strictly adhere to ALL established MTIMPM procedures.
  3. NO participating hospital program or student shall attempt to make arrangements for a Clinical Practicum position prior to the MTIMPM Match process completion.
  4. Students shall WITHDRAW from the MTIMPM Match process if they accept a Clinical Practicum position in a non-participating institution.
  5. Once the MTIMPM Match process is completed and a placement offer is confirmed by the student applicant, they are ethically committed to attend the hospital-based program where placed. Only an exceptional event having profound impact on the student applicant will be considered an acceptable reason for non-compliance.
  6. In early November, programs notify (via email) applicants of placement in a clinical practicum position. Within one week, follow the program's instructions for confirming acceptance of the clinical practicum position.


a student working at an internship