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two lab workers in white lab coats looking into microscope

Applicants who are interested in applying for a hospital-based Clinical Practicum program in the State of Michigan should plan to enter the Medical Technology Internship Matching Program between April 1 - August 15.  Those submitting applications by the August 15 deadline, will enter a clinical program beginning the following summer/fall or a program starting late December or January of the following year.  Click the links to the right for more detailed information and access to forms.

If you miss this normal application timeline, you may submit an Off-Cycle Application and your name will be added to the Off-Cycle List.  If a hospital program has a vacancy, they will consult this off-cycle list for possible candidates.  If they want to consider you for such a position, you will be contacted to complete a full application and have an interview.  If you are not contacted prior to April 1, you should plan to submit a full application and enter the normal application process by August 15.