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Applicants to hospital-based Clinical Practicum programs using the MTIMPM Match Process need to follow these steps:

  1. Read and follow MTIMPM information and instructions for printing, completing and submitting application materials to hospital-based programs.
  2. Contact university advisor regarding
    • curriculum and graduation requirements
    • submitting transcripts, grades, recommendations and other documentation
  3. Complete and submit application materials to hospital-based program(s) of choice
    • read the individual hospital directions at the bottom of the application and supply the requested items (i.e. essay)
    • communicate with program director(s) regarding specific application process requirements and procedures, i.e. scheduling interview
    • insure that Fall course grades are submitted
  4. Contact university advisor IMMEDIATELY if asked to provide verbal or written confirmation that a hospital-based program will be placed as #1 on your preference form.
    • Notify MTIMPM by e-mail or mail
    • This is an ETHICS VIOLATION by the hospital-based program
  5. AFTER COMPLETING YOUR INTERVIEWS AT THE HOSPITALS, complete and Submit MTIMPM Match Process Forms & Fee ($10.00 payable to MTIMPM) by November 20th. This form and fee should be submitted to your University Advisor (if you are in a Michigan University) by the deadline your advisor specifies. If you are an “independent student” applicant from out-of-state or from a non-participating university - you should mail your form directly to MTIMPM at 1140 Abbott Rd. #4054, East Lansing, MI 48826.
    • on the Preference Form, LIST ALL hospital-based programs you are WILLING to attend. The more programs you are willing to attend, the greater the chance of securing a Clinical Practicum position BUT
    • DO NOT LIST a hospital-based program if you are UNWILLING to attend or you have not completed the application process.
  6. If you ACCEPT a Clinical Practicum position at a NON-PARTICIPATING program, contact MTIMPM and WITHDRAW from the MTIMPM Match Process.
  7. In December, Programs notify (via e-mail) applicants of placement in a Clinical Practicum position. Within one week, follow the program’s instructions for confirming acceptance of the Clinical Practicum position.


  • Student Application Form: (pdf) (doc)
  • Student Academic Course Plan: (pdf) (xls)
  • Essential Functions: (pdf) (doc)
  • Recommendation Form: (pdf) (doc)
  • Student Match Registration Form: (pdf) (doc)

Applicant Timeline & Deadlines:

  1. Start the application process for a Michigan hospital-based Clinical Practicum program in the summer, one year prior to the start date of the Program.
  2. Complete and submit application, required essay(s), Academic Course Plan in one envelope to hospital-based program(s) of choice by September 15th. You will have to request an official copy of your transcript be sent to the hospital coordinator via email by September 15.
  3. Ask that your letters of recommendation be submitted by October 1st. It is acceptable (and even preferred) to have the recommender EMAIL the recommendation letter with your name in the subject line. The deadline for recommendation letters is OCTOBER 1st.
  4. Schedule an interview with each hospital to which you are applying (the hospital coordinator will contact you to set this up, if they plan to interview you). The interview must be complete no later than November 15th (or November 10th for Beaumont).
  5. After the interviews, if you are an independent student, complete and submit MTIMPM Student Match Registration Form and Fee to the MTIMPM Administrator. This must be postmarked no later than November 20th. If you are applying through your University advisor, submit your MTIMPM Student Match Registration Form and Fee to your University advisor by the date s/he specifies, your advisor will postmark all student applications no later than November 20th.
  6. Respond to Clinical Practicum position placement within one week of e-mail notification.

MTIMPM Applicant Fee Information:

Participation & processing fee for MTIMPM Match Process:  Complete and Submit MTIMPM Match Process Forms & Fee ($10.00 payable to MTIMPM) by November 20th.